Industrial Drill

Industrial Drill

The aim of automatic drilling machines is to reduce human intervention to a minimum. An automatic drill press is an ideal option for all types of heavy-duty machines to work with metal. Its solid base ensures constant and exact drilling by sitting right on the metal or wood you want to cut through. A combination of information technology tools and control systems is used to implement automated drilling.

There are different projects that can be executed on a drilling machine, like core drilling, step drilling, plane drilling, trepanning, tapping, reaming, etc. They are commonly used in metalworking, woodworking, fabrication, utility, and construction projects.

Key Benefits of an AutoDrill Unit

High accuracy and finish: Automatic drills can accomplish high levels of accuracy for tasks that are time-consuming and tedious for humans to execute.

Flexibility: The flexibility of the integrated auto driller will depend on its specific configuration. Depending on the work needed, you can get a device that is flexible or specific for a particular task.

Repeatability & Consistency: You can repeat the same task as many times with the same consistency when using an auto drill. The level of consistency offered by an automatic drill is beyond what you can achieve on your own.

Cost-effective in the long run: While a state-of-the-art driller may have a higher price tag, subsequent costs of production reduce over time due to consistency, repeatability, reduced labor, and an increase in the speed of production need.

Factors to Consider

Here is a quick outlook of important factors you need to consider before purchasing a machine from AutoDrill:

Drill Size: Select a drill size based on the type of materials you are working on and the maximum cutting size.

Motor Speed: This is represented by rotations per minute (RPM) and is the measurement of the maximum speed a drilling machine bit is rotated by the device. The rating of the motor speed of the drill bit range between 20 and 4000+ RPM. Some drillers offer variable speed settings that allow you to control the output of the speed on the cutting material and the requirement of the project.

Power Source: The power source of a drill press allows you to know the amount of power your drill needs to operate perfectly. If you are looking for an industrial drill, then you want to choose a model with higher amps and RPM.

Choosing an Industrial Drill

At AutoDrill, we offer heavy-duty automatic drills for various applications, including large-hole operations. Our 5000 Series AutoDrill can handle any form of a commercial project. Its features make it easy to operate and maintain, even while it is an extremely capable unit. Shop for the right drill for your needs today!

Industrial Drill


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